Non-Partisan Village Elections


What does this mean?

First, no candidates for Village Board of Trustees, Village President or the Library Board run as Republican or Democratic Party candidates. They don’t even run as candidates of local parties , such as a Village Caucus or a Better Government party. Of course, the candidates may be Democrats or Republicans or Libertarians; they just don’t run under those labels in Park Forest elections.

Second, the Committee for Non-Partisan Local Government in Park Forest helps all candidates reach the voters. We sponsor forums where all candidates can speak and answer questions. We publish a Candidate’sStatements brochure with each candidate’s photo and message when possible. We interview all candidates on a cable TV program and several forums are aired on cable..

For candidates, this means:

  • No party endorsement is needed to run
  • Candidates can reach many voters at no cost
  • Thus it’s easier to run for Village Office

For voters, this means:

  • Candidates focus on local issues
  • Candidates are free of pressure from special interest groups
  • Opportunities exist to ask questions of all candidates

Process for candidates:

  • Obtain the required signatures on nominating petitions
  • File petitions at Village Hall
  • Write a statement of personal qualifications and views on local issues
  • Voluntarily agree to the Non-Partisan guidelines for campaign practices
  • Present views at scheduled forums

Process for voters:

  • Listen to candidates at the forums and ask them questions
  • Watch candidate forums held at Village Hall on cable TV
  • Review candidate campaign literature
  • Discuss the candidates with friends and acquaintances
  • Vote for your choice